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Poetic Unity – TM Alleyne Website

Poetic Unity


Poetic Unity is a weekly event that takes place in the heart of once the Caribbean hub in London, Brixton. Here the focus is on the younger talent and those who had the ideas to show what we have achieved and to our delight it was a excellent display of the brightest and edgy grass roots post including some wonderful veterans in the field. I was humbled to be able to perform a passionate piece on my love and Our Land, Africa. A good night had by all at the Poetic Unity. 2/2/17 Big respect to Raggz solokulture and the who team at poetic unity for putting on an great evening.


  1. Lamin Barrow

    TM Alleyne is a poetry guru filled with inspirations and love for what he does. I salute you with respect

    1. tmalleyne (Post author)

      Thanks Lamin,its you and others like you who inspires me

  2. Valerie

    I’m so proud of you. Well done and stay blessed.


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