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A Fair Exchange – TM Alleyne Website

A Fair Exchange

As you may know, while working on new poetry and spoken word, I  recently met one of the most inspiring bass/guitar musicians of all time, Jimmy Senya Haynes.

Although I consider myself a poet, not a singer, I have been writing my own music and play the guitar for several years. Jimmy liked it and is now arranging and performing backing tracks for me for an upcoming album, A Fair Trade.

If you are not familiar with his name, Jimmy has been the backbone of many major music production arrangement works and has a huge discography including working with Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Steel Pulse and many more famous musicians.Working together,  I have put my poetry within music, just as a conduit. Although the album is incomplete I can offer two tracks Not Making Sense and Come Back Home and am really excited at the prospect of letting you be part of this journey with me God willing.

A little background about them.


Come Back Home

Come Back Home was written when I was in a dark place and managed to get through it with the Almighty’s strength and a determination to pick myself up from, what I can only say, is a place that has haunted and will continue to pursue many, and for a long time to come.

I think the words of the song will explain the sense of despair that this situation puts you in and how difficult it is due to our own vulnerable and negative thoughts. It can get very dark unless you pull yourself out and with that great healer …time, it happens. It is also extremely difficult to talk about being in this type of situation but is also very important as a snapshot of living life as a human being with emotions.

Listen here for free and if you would like to help support my humble efforts and buy the HQ version, you can get it from iTunes Amazon stream on Spotify / Tidal and other digital stores under TM Alleyne.



Not Making Sense

Release Date 28th August 2018 Not Making Sense is a social commentary on the events that surround us every day, through the guise of passing it off as fair and just, especially though powerful mediums and voices, however my take on it is that in the bigger schemes of things the decisions and the rhetoric these people are saying is just Not Making Sense.

The song is written for whoever the cap fits.





When Dogs Bark.

This is yet to be released but its message is basically for you to be strong whenever adversaries are trying to knock you down become courageous in your heart and believe in yourself as a true warrior and un-intimidated at other who bled red blood like you.

For those who have been following and supporting my efforts,  a big thank you and tell me what you think of the songs. Peace and Blessing to all of you.



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  1. Valerie

    I felt the emotion in your song ‘come back home’ I do hope you have now found the strength to continue blessings us.


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