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Bio – TM Alleyne Website


Hello and blessed greetings to my friends, fathers and mothers,brothers and sisters,sons and daughters. I am a poet, lyricist and writer.

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago some time ago. After taking the sun, sea and sand for granted I was packed up and left for England the land we had heard so much about.

I spent a lot of my earlier years in Croydon South London as an average teen and had my fair share of ups and down, part of growing up. England for a young Caribbean was a crazy place to be so in turn I decided to join up as a soldier in the British Army. I had that macho attitude, ‘if I die wrap me up in a sheet and toss me in the sea’. After some real hair raising moments, I had my epiphany and left.

Although I am based in the UK, I spent a lot of my time in Africa, a place where I think everyone should pay a visit at least once in their lifetime – just for the experience – it’s an eye opener, very humbling.

Apart from the obvious love of spoken arts my interests include the martial arts, Kung Fu in particular. I have built a football academy in Africa (I must stress i am not a footballer) this isĀ  for the development of children.I also enjoy exchanging ideas, problem solving and overall searching for the *ME* within myself.My ambition in life, to which I have always held, was and is to help alleviate poverty for all of humanity, through whatever means are at my disposal.

My hobbies are orienteering, relaxing and watching the world go by, swimming, cricket, basketball, athletics and tennis with a small *t*.

Love and stay safe.